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How did RTMSD respond to the Youth Truth survey revelations?

  • School administration directed the 6 schools’ principals to choose 1 question to improve over the next year. They selected four questions whose responses which did not indicate a serious problem.

  • After a year applying their action steps, the schools reported that none of their selected questions showed significant improvement – 2 become worse.

  • The School Board did not examine the YT results themselves and appear to believe the students, staff, and parents are happy with conditions in the school.


  • This is the consequence of having a passive, rubber-stamping Board – they are kept in the dark, serious issues are not addressed, and the administration comes to believe they will not be called out when they neglect concerns voiced by students, staff, and parents.

RTMSD Building Goals Review_edited.jpg
Youth Truth Survey Percentile Chart Heat
Youth Truch Survey Trending of DISAGREE
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