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How Does RTMSD Compare to Peer Schools,
and to itself over time?

In a nutshell:


RTMSD compares itself against 5 other "peer" school districts. Considering Penncrest students, as they complete their years in the District

  • SchoolDigger.com shows

    • Penncrest dropped from 46th in PA for 2013 to 100th

    • At the same time, its peers' moved from

    • 9th to 33rd (Strath Haven)

    • 13th to 21st (Radnor)

    • 20th to 71st (Marple Newtown)

    • 34th to 12th (Garnet Valley)

    • 50th to 51st (Haverford)

The PA Department of Education ranks schools based on the proficiency demonstrated in the Keystone Exams for entire graduating classes.

Future Ready PA Index_Advanced-Proficient Comparison-Haverford W-S.png
SchoolDigger Statewide Ranking of RTMSD 2004-2022.png
Penncrest High School building.jpg

Make The Right Things Happen believes RTMSD's academic performance urgently needs to be addressed.


We propose:

  1. A Curriculum Audit by external experts who have a track record of turning about scholastic performance.

  2. An Instruction Audit by similarly successful outside experts.

  3. Discussions with peer school districts which have been successful in succeeding during this same period of RTMSD's decline, to learn how they have coped with the same cultural challenges which we face.

  4. Frank, confidential discussions with our faculty and students on the problems which they see and have communicated as "red flag" responses in the Youth Truth surveys.


No more justifying of the status quo.
These issues are the core purpose of our schools and our students only get one chance to pass through. We need to set things right for the kids we have in our classrooms now.

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